Ten Best Series that I Binge-Watched during Quarantine

Curated by a Series-Addict

Photo by Jimmy Nguyen on Unsplash

Number 10, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier on Disney Plus.

Number 9. SEE on Apple TV+

Number 8. Kingdom on Netflix.

Number 7. Vikings on Netflix.

Number 6. The Walking Dead on Netflix.

Number 5. Invincible on Amazon Prime.

Number 4. American Gods on Amazon Prime.

New Media is my favorite god!

Number 3. The Boys on Amazon Prime.

Number 2. Mandalorian on Disney Plus.

You can see the cute baby Yoda.
Concept arts for this series are just mind-blowing…

Number 1. Sense8 on Amazon Prime.

Stay safe, stay healthy.

Thank you for reading. 😊

Hello I am a graphic designer & artist Chaeyun Kim. I draw comics that we can relate to and cool illustrations. An absolute art lover.

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