Normal vs. International Relationship

The Brutal Truth About Long-Distance Relationships.

I have been in international, long-distance relationships for more than two years now. Everything is different, yet similar to the non-international relationship. As it seems romantic as it is, it was also more difficult than I ever thought it would be. For example, there was a time that we could only meet around two months a year. But with the help of modern technology, AKA Video-call, we managed to find peace with it. Also, time helped us a lot. Today I brought comics about how an international relationship is different from a normal one. I hope you relate if you are also an international couple, or know more about being a long-distance relationship with this comics.

So, let’s get started!

Time Difference: Couple Making Calls to Each Other.

Image created by the author.

International Couple with a time difference might have a chance to make both morning call and good night call at the same time.

Distance: On a Journey to Meet the Lover.

Image created by the author.

10 hours by flight feels relatively shorter than a 1-hour journey to meet a local lover.

Anniversary: A Special Date Night

Image created by the author.

Thanks to modern technology and a laptop, we can still celebrate our special occasions together.

Introducing to Parents: A Relatively Casual Meet-Up, And?

Image created by the author.

Not only we get to introduce our parents to our partner, but we also should introduce our home country.

Knowing Their Time to Spend: What Takes the Most Fortune in a Relationship?

Image created by the author.

Making a trip to each other costs some fortune. Well, that’s what saving’s for!

Movie Date: What Couples Do for a Movie Date.

Image created by the author.

A genius way to watch a movie together is to press the play button at the same time.

When There Is No Internet

Image created by the author.

The Internet is so essential to make good communication in a long-distance relationship. So critical that you might become so sad about not having it sometimes.

Language: How a Couple Communicate With Each Other

Image created by the author.

The international couple normally mixes up their native languages, and the language they use to communicate with each other. And develop a whole new system of language only for them.

Date After (Relatively) Long Time: Couple Prepares Gifts for Each Other.

Image created by the author.

There is a whole lot of difference between a date in a month, and a date in six months. You will see the reason below.

Preparing Presents: Selecting Gifts for the Lover.

Image created by the author.

For the latter have the time, to collect a bunch of things. Also, everything reminds of the lover.

💌 Author’s Message:

So, what do you think? Do you relate to any of these scenes? If you do, which one do you relate to? What do you think about international relationships? Share your thoughts on the comments below. Thank you for reading!

Hello I am a graphic designer & artist Chaeyun Kim. I draw comics that we can relate to and cool illustrations. An absolute art lover.

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